The FUN of make games.


Our current projects

These are the projects that we have still in development for some of our clients, but we invite you to take a look at them and learn more about them, also some of these projects that we show you are of our own creation and property of SouFUN studio since we like to be in constant development of some other fun game that we can think of.

Multi-platform Game

Lottery Game

The lottery game is a typical Mexican game that consists of 54 cards and an indefinite number of cards called "tables" with 16 of said cards chosen randomly. Every time a card is flipped, it is announced and the participants must mark that card in their table if they have it, but be careful!! if you do not mark your card when you must you cannot win the game, the first player to mark all the cards on their table wins the game.

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Movil Game

Nekketsu Battle

It is a battle royale game in which each player appears at different points on the map and has to annihilate the other participants with weapons of different types, using strategies such as hiding in the environment, camouflaging himself or even obtaining equipment that is in the area, and all this in kawaii style with small but dangerous characters ready to be number one in the world ranking.

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